Who Can Do It? I Can!

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            Rick's high-energy, motivational show for school audiences brings a positive message in a fun presentation to children in kindergarten through fifth grade.  The songs contain positive messages and promote good feelings.  The show entertains, motivates and inspires.


            A professional entertainer for over twenty years, Rick performs throughout the United States for kids and family audiences.  His shows are full of audience participation and good feelings.  He has performed at The Kennedy Center, Disney World, and The Seattle International Children's Festival, and his school programs have been presented at hundreds of elementary schools reaching tens of thousands of young people.   Rick's Mom made her career as a third grade teacher, and Rick's Dad is a Professor of Psychology.  Their influence on Rick is evident.


            Rick Hubbard is a published songwriter with three nationally released CD's.  The music in his show ranges from blues and jazz to rock and salsa.   Lively music and catchy melodies make the messages memorable. The songs in this show are drawn from his CD, "Who Can Do It, I Can!"   Each song involves the audience in a special way.   


             Rick has written songs especially for school shows to convey positive messages about important topics such as character, self-esteem, getting along with others, learning, and taking care of the earth.   Audience participation accents the message in the songs.   Introducing each song with wit and wisdom, Rick sets the stage for the musical message that follows.  A school counselor once described the show as, "…an entire affective education curriculum put to music!"


            Rick's show energizes the audience.  Kids participate in each song.  Teachers join Rick on stage for some songs adding a special positive touch and bringing cheers from their students. Over $20,000 in computers and sound equipment enable Rick to reproduce his recordings on stage.  Rick plays cool electric and acoustic guitars, slide whistle, and even steel drum.  The excitement level remains high throughout the show with Rick's constant involvement of the audience.  Having performed thousands of shows Rick is a master of audience control.   Many teachers say that Rick's show was as uplifting for them as it was the children.  Everyone leaves in a positive mood - each one saying,

"Who Can Do It?  I Can!"