Article From Southern Festivals - January 1998

Rick Hubbard
Rick as The King of Kazoo (Click to see the full-size version)
"The King of Kazoo"

Rick Hubbard creates kazoo bands. From coast to coast Rick performs his show, Rick Hubbard and His All-Kid Kazoo Band, and gives FREE kazoos to everyone in the audience.

With a quick lesson from the master, every kazooer in the crowd is ready to join Rick's smiling, humming, marching kazoo band. It's a Kazoobie time for all. (Rick coined the word "kazoobie", meaning exceptional fun involving everyone.)

And everyone can play. Kids of all ages - from 2 to 102 - join the kazoo band. Rick has led kazoo bands of up to 30,000 players. There's no limit to the size of a kazoo band. Nearly half a million kazoo players got their kazoo from Rick Hubbard.

Everyone's A Star in Rick's Show

The real stars of Rick's show are the kids. As a warm-up for the kazoo band, Rick creates K.A.O.S - Kids Appearing On Stage - giving kids a chance to perform. They dance, shake, play air guitar, blow bubbles, and have all kinds of fun. Parents get great pictures.

Rick's high-tech show incorporates computers, guitars, banjo, steel drum, harmonica, slide whistle, and, of course, kazoo. From the main stage to the children's stage, Rick's performance is more than a show - it's an event.

A Kazoo Band Without Rick?

No one creates a kazoo band like Rick Hubbard, but Rick can't be everywhere. So now you can get kazoos from Rick, and start your own kazoo band. Rick makes available to everyone the very same high-quality, custom-imprintable kazoos used in his show. Rick has created a site on the World Wide Web just to sell kazoos and now has clients in Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska, and all across America. The web site is:

Because of the huge number he buys each year, Rick gets an extremely low price on kazoos, and passes on this good deal. One town in Maine got sponsors to provide kazoos to everyone in town - all 8000 of them. It was Kazoobie!

The kazoo is a uniquely American instrument invented in Georgia by a black man, Alabama Vest, working together with a German clockmaker, Thaddeus Von Clegg. It was first exhibited at the Georgia State Fair in 1852.

Rick Hubbard began playing kazoo as a child, and has now brought the kazoo to hundreds of thousands of children across America and around the world. To many kazoo players, Rick Hubbard is The King of Kazoo.

Communicate with Rick at Kazoobie, Inc. The phone number is 1-800-326-0358. Rick receives email at The Kazoobie Web Site is at