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Who Can Do It? I Can! Building Self-Esteem

Getting Along With Others

Caring For The Earth


Rick Hubbard has created
an interactive musical show just for elementary school audiences.

"Who Can Do It? I Can!" brings a positive message to kids
about getting along with others, taking care of our planet,
and feeling good about yourself.

Teachers, administrators, and students rave about he excitement Rick brings to the school.
Rick uses the latest technology in sound and lighting to create
a rock-and-roll show that combines music with a message. Students actively participate
in the show and teachers join Rick on stage.

Kids and grown-ups alike leave the show saying, "Who Can Do It? I Can!"

"Our Guidance Counselor was summoned to a class to help sort out a disagreement between two very heated children. In the midst of the discussion, one of the bystanders said, 'Mrs. Rice, they just need to let it slide' (words from on of Rick's songs). Those three words helped break up the tension and everyone moved on. It's nice to know when kids the the message behind the fun."

- email from an elementary school teacher in South Carolina.

"...Words fail me. I was so excited to watch you perform for our area school children and for those who attended your family concert, that I cannot adequately express my gratitude. You have a tremendous rapport with children and adults that is infectious and has endeared you to hundreds of young people, parents, and educators throughout our community."

Burton A Merriam
Director - Center For The Arts
The Hill School - Pottstown, PA


Rick Hubbard