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Elementary School Show Prices

September 2008 - May 2009

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
(Additional Travel Costs May Apply Elsewhere)

Elementary School Assemblies
One Show at One School

Additional shows in the same school
immediately after the first show
Two Schools On The Same Day in an Area*
(One assembly at each school - one morning, one afternoon)
$750.00 each
Four Schools in an Area*
(Two schools on each day for two consecutive days.)
(One assembly at each school.)
$500.00 each
Add A Kazoobie Kazoo Show
Family Concert
On The Same Day With Your School Assembly


(Normally priced at $1750.00,
this is an entirely different show than the School Show
perfect for PTA events, fund-raisers, and family events.
Price includes up to 300 kazoos.)

Available only with “One Show at One School.”

All Travel Costs and Sound System Included

* "Schools in an Area" means additional schools
within a 25-mile radius scheduled
on the same day and/or concurrent days.

A single person should be the contact and coordinator of all dates.
Multiple contracts and payments are acceptable.


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